Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Have you ever desired a straighter nose? But not wanted to undergo a
surgical procedure? We can help you get the ideal shape and
straighten any irregularities or bumps using a very individualised
non-surgical approach.

The nose reshaping procedure involves injections of Dermal Filler (Natural Hyaluronic Acid fillers) into different parts of the nose using a needle. The nose will be numbed beforehand using a topical numbing cream. Most
clients report no pain during the nose filler procedure whilst some report only
mild discomfort.

Procedure time: 25 minutes
Results: Results will be seen immediately.
Recover and Downtime: There is no downtime. Mild redness of the
skin may be seen post-procedure but most clients resume their
normal activities the same day.

There are some post-treatment precautions to take on the same day
following the treatment, these will be discussed with you during the
initial free consultation. Side effects to look for will also be discussed
and an information leaflet given to you.

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