Fat Dissolving Injections

This fat reduction procedure is performed using injections.  The substance used is Aqualyx. It is injected into specific body areas targeting unwanted fat. Aqualyx coming in contact with fat cells causes them to melt and to be later absorbed by the body. It is the most effective non-surgical fat removal solution.

Areas Treated: tummy, thighs, arms, legs, chin & more
Procedure Time: 30 minutes
Results: Results will be seen within 4 weeks.
Recovery and Downtime: There could be some swelling for 24-48 hours. Not all clients experience bruising but if this does occur it will normally settle in a few days.

There are some post-treatment precautions to take on the same day following
the treatment, these will be discussed with you during the initial free
consultation. Side effects to look for will also be discussed and an information
leaflet will be given to you.

Products used: We only use officially branded Aqualyx for this treatment. It is FDA-approved, safe and offers great results.

Book a free consultation in our Finchley, North London clinic to discuss your desired shape and reduction area and we will help you in achieving that.